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How to Play

  1. By purchasing a season ticket you will be able to predict the outcome of the fixtures for the 2020-21 EPL season starting from 12 September 2020 EPL match week 1. If match week 1 has passed you can still buy a season ticket and predict all of the remaining matches. Predictions are made for particular EPL match weeks and by clicking the week tab you can see the 10 matches for that particular week. You can predict on any week and change predictions before kick-off.
  2. Predict the outcome for each of the fixtures highlighted for a particular EPL match week. There will normally be 10 fixtures but there may be more or less depending on weekend cup matches and rearranged mid-week matches that are given an EPL week number.
  3. For each fixture, predict if it will end in a home win (H), draw (D) or away win (A). When the matches are past they are scored and correct predictions are marked with a tick.
  4. To make your predictions, click the relevant box corresponding to the fixture on the grid. Click  H,  D  or  A. If you want to cancel the prediction click a fourth time. Predictions may also be made by clicking on the list of matches to the right of the grid.
  5. Click "Save Bets" to place your bets immediately. You can change your prediction at any time up to 5 minutes before kick-off.

Season Ticket Prices - Savings based on a £2 a week ticket comparison


max 38 matches

       £19.00   SPECIAL PRICE  SAVE £57                        

Oct - Nov

max 35 matches

           £19.00   save up to £51


max 28 matches

         £19.00   save up to £37



max 22 matches

         £19.00   save up to £25




max 17 matches

         £19.00   save up to £15


max 12 matches

          £19.00  save up to £5

Division of the Pools

  1. In accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, the total Prize fund for the Pool will be the total amount of the Stakes entered in the Pool less:
    1. Pool betting duty and any other deductions thereon: we currently deduct 7.5% pool betting duty.
    2. Such percentage as may be determined by Netted to cover its commission and expenses: we currently deduct 42.5% to cover these costs.
  2. The percentage of the Prize Pool allocated to each Prize Level is as follows:
    1. The weekly prize – 40%
    2. The Monthly prize – 20%
    3. The Season Prize – 20%
    4. The Club Prizes – 20%, or 1% per club.

So with 10,000 "seaon ticket' players the Prize Pools will be:

  1. The weekly prize pool £45,600 or £1,200 per weekly prize.
  2. The monthly prize pool £22,800 or £2,280 per monthly prize.
  3. The season prize pool £22,800 split 80% first, 15% second and 5% third place.
  4. The club prize pool £22,800 or £1,140 per club

Prize Structure

Weekly prize

Simply get all your predictions correct to win the prize pool. If there are multiple winners, the prize pool will be shared. The prize pool will roll over if there are no winners.

Monthly Prize

The following match weeks will constitute the monthly prizes.    

  • Sept 1-4 etc

The player with the most correct predictions will win the main prize pool, see the leaderboard for game development.

Season Prize

The player with the most weekly predictions over the course of  the season, commencing match week 10, will win the main prize pool. See the leaderboard for game development.

Club Prize

The player with the most correct predictions for each of the 20 Premier League clubs, commencing match week 10, will win the relevant Club prize pool. See the Club leaderboards for game development.